An Overview of the Best Hotel Advertisements

In the fiercely competitive hospitality industry, effective advertising is crucial. It’s not just about showcasing your hotel’s amenities and services; it’s about telling a story that resonates with your target audience, evoking emotions and creating a sense of desire. The best hotel advertisements are those that leave an indelible mark on viewers’ minds, compelling them to choose your establishment over countless others. This blog post will highlight some of the most successful hotel ads from around the globe, exploring what made them stand out and how they can inspire your own marketing strategies.

The Power of Storytelling: Marriott Hotels’ ‘Travel Brilliantly’

Marriott Hotels’ ‘Travel Brilliantly’ campaign is a prime example of storytelling in advertising. Launched in 2013, this campaign aimed to redefine Marriott’s brand for younger travelers by focusing on innovation and creativity. The ads featured stories from real-life guests who had used their stays at Marriott hotels to fuel their own creative endeavors.

What set this campaign apart was its interactive component: viewers were invited to share their own travel stories on the Travel Brilliantly website for a chance to win various prizes. This user-generated content helped create an engaging narrative around Marriott as more than just a place to stay – it was depicted as a catalyst for innovation and discovery.

Emotional Connection: Hyatt’s ‘For A World Of Understanding’

Hyatt’s ‘For A World Of Understanding’ Super Bowl ad in 2017 struck an emotional chord with audiences worldwide by promoting empathy and understanding across cultures. The ad showcased various scenes from different parts of the world where strangers extend kindness towards each other despite language barriers or cultural differences.

The message was clear – no matter where you are in the world, there’s always room for understanding and kindness; values that align perfectly with Hyatt’s brand ethos. This emotionally charged campaign successfully positioned Hyatt as a brand that values human connection, making it one of the most memorable hotel advertisements.

Humor and Creativity: Trivago’s ‘Hotel? Trivago’

Trivago’s ‘Hotel? Trivago’ ad campaign cleverly uses humor and repetition to make their brand name synonymous with hotel search. The ads typically feature a person in need of a hotel, with the narrator suggesting they use Trivago. The punchline ‘Hotel? Trivago’ has become so recognizable that it’s now used in various memes and parodies.

While some might argue that the ads are overly simplistic, there’s no denying their effectiveness. By using humor and repetition, Trivago has managed to embed its name in viewers’ minds – exactly what every advertisement aims to do.

Utilizing Influencers: Hilton Hotels & Resorts with Zach King

Influencer marketing is an increasingly popular strategy for hospitality brands, and Hilton Hotels & Resorts have leveraged this trend brilliantly by collaborating with digital magician Zach King for their ‘Expect Better. Expect Hilton.’ campaign.

This series of ads featured King using his signature video editing tricks to highlight various benefits offered by Hilton, such as price match guarantee or free WiFi. By partnering with a popular influencer like King who has millions of followers across various platforms, Hilton was able to reach a much wider audience while also making their advertisements more engaging and entertaining.


Effective advertising is all about creating memorable experiences that resonate with your target audience. Whether it’s through storytelling like Marriott Hotels’ ‘Travel Brilliantly’, emotional connection like Hyatt’s ‘For A World Of Understanding’, humor and creativity like Trivago’s ‘Hotel? Trivago’, or utilizing influencers like Hilton Hotels & Resorts did with Zach King; these successful campaigns serve as inspiration for how to create hotel advertisements that not only promote your brand but also connect with viewers on a deeper level.