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If you want to get the top selling price for the rooms, sell in advance to plan finances, or if you just want to stay confident that your hotel marketing and sales are going in the right direction, this is the most important page you'll read this year!

  • Have More Guests
  • Fill The Rooms Fast!
  • Generate Profits!

What Does This Hotel Marketing Audit Contain?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

We will audit the guests' journey on your website to find a predictable path to increase your direct bookings. Only when you have highly converting website, you are able to get decent number of direct bookings.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Strategies

We will audit all of your PPC accounts, verify their effectiveness and suggest the direction of growth. If you don't use PPC campaigns, you will get recommendations how to start in a best possible way to generate highest ROI from the beginning.

Current Marketing Strategy

Skyrocket your hotel sales with our recommendations and improvements of your marketing strategy. We will check if your current marketing strategy is consistent with your goals and vision and whether it's implemented efficiently.

Reputation Management

We will audit your guests' feedback and your way of collecting reviews. We will suggest the most effective ways to get more positive reviews.

SEO Optimization

It's the most frustrating thing ever when you built a great website but no one is visiting it. After our professional SEO audit, you will know what to do to get new guests from Google.
People trust in Organic Search results more than in ads. By improving your SEO, you are able to reach the potential customers who would never seen your hotel's website otherwise.

Social Media

We will analyze your Social Media presence and recommend the best ways to increase your direct bookings through Social Media Profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and LinkedIn).

Email Marketing

E-mail marketing if one of the cheapest way to be in touch with your past guests. We will check how your current follow-up email campaigns work and make a list of recommendations and improvements to implement.

Competitor Analysis

Competitive analysis of your TOP competitors will give you an overview on what they are doing better and which sales channels are bringing them the most guests. 

OTA and Metasearch Audit

We will audit all of your OTA and Metasearch accounts (Google,, Agoda, Expedia, AirBnb, Agoda, and more) to verify their effectiveness and suggest the direction of growth.

PMS Optimization

We will audit your PMS to be sure that all reports are showing the right data and all features are used correctly.

Here’s Why...

Today's hotel marketing is complicated and confusing. There are so many things you can do but you never know what will bring you the positive ROI. I know how to check it and I will help you take the right steps!

We've increased profits of hotels by 40% year to year!

Here's How And Why I Can Make You This Promise...

My name is Pat Klesta and I specialize in Hotel Marketing and Sales.

I've worked with multiple hotels from 6 to 300 rooms as a consultant.

This Audit and Strategy is going to give you everything you need to navigate the Hotel Sales Process Successfully!

Every minute you wait to think what to do to attract more guests to your hotel is another minute you are loosing Guests because they chose to stay in other places.

According to the TrekkSoft, 82% of travel bookings are made without human interaction.

So what?

Only those who are mastering a digital marketing have chances to survive in today's economics. Today more and more traditional travel agents have difficulties in maintaining positive cashflow.

What Others Says About Me?

Pat is a really hardworking person with deep marketing knowledge and skills. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Sunshine Jeamjirarut

Multi-Hotel General Manager

I've been working with Pat for nearly a year and he has always been professional and creative. After he optimized our hotels' OTA profiles our bookings increased, we've also started to get more inquiries from potential guests. Pat has designed our hotels' websites with the focus on making them user-friendly and easy to navigate with great success. He is hardworking, goal-oriented and proactive. He always meets his deadlines. Overall, Pat is a great person to work with and can only be highly recommended to anyone.

Sebastian Hopp

CEO of SRV Group of Companies
(Managing 2 hotels and Villas Rental Company)

Extremely reliable and trustworthy! – What started off as an in-depth home page audit turned into an efficient collaboration over many months. In fact, sending us the audit served as a resume of his detailed eye for improvements and digital know-how in his field. Pat’s help was invaluable in getting our resort’s digital marketing up to speed and getting us out of the stone age. Always with various sales strategies in his focus, Pat is flexible, offers quick ideas, and his research and implementation are done in a very professional manner in almost all aspects – Wordpress, Social Media, OTAs, CRM… you name it!

Ralf Siegrist

Hotel Marketing Manager

If you don't have clear answers to these questions you should order our Audit  Today!

  • How much should we budget for our hotel online marketing?
  • How will potential guests find our website to book direct?
  • What should be the primary objective of our hotel’s website?
  • What are the options for setting up an booking engine on the website?
  • How can we add a 24-hour live chat to our website?
  • What are the benefits and pitfalls of creating multiple websites and landing pages?
  • How do we market our hotel to different markets?
  • How can we avoid pay per click (PPC) click frauds?
  • How can we get the best out of our current website?
  • Why do guests say our website is difficult to use?
  • Do we need a splash page?
  • How much Flash use is sufficient?
  • Should we get a toll free number?
  • How can VOIP help our hotel grow?
  • How to properly use reputation management strategies?
  • What are the latest trends in web design?
  • Which hosting companies should we avoid?
  • Can you train your web team on the most important optimization (SEO) techniques?
  • Which OTA should we choose?Is it worth it for us to invest in our website?
  • Why do we get so many clicks in our pay per click campaign but few bookings?Is our keyword strategy appropriate?Why do our competitors rank ahead of us?
  • How do we gain more market share online?
  • How do We get a blog and how can it help our hotel?
  • How can we leverage social media to our hotel’s advantage?
  • How can we get on-going consulting support to avoid costly mistakes?

Hotel Marketing Audit

is a complex report prepared according to your assets with easy to understand list of things to improve in your current marketing strategy.

Based on the report, you will be able to make marketing decisions that will bring positive ROI.

In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg Of What You Get...

  • You'll discover what to do exactly to reach more guests with your services at reasonable costs.
  • You'll understand exactly why the BEST advertising for your hotel is absolutely FREE - and exactly how to get it
  • You'll skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that stop MOST of the hotel teams and go right to the end of the process
  • You'll know exactly how to do necessary tasks - and who to get help from if you have questions
  • You'll have MORE money in your pocket when you save the OTAs' commission and activate another streams of income

The Numbers Don't Lie! If guests that plan to visit your area don't see any offer from your hotel, then the chances that they will stay with you are ZERO.

We Worked With

Some results we delivered for our partners

So Here's The Bottom Line

With The Hotel Marketing Audit

You get the audit that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process from start to finish. You get all the insiders'-only instruction on where is the room to implement the right strategies to reach your goals. You get the exact blueprint you need to succeed!

You get all of this for the best price

But Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting Now...

Pat will personally guide you through the audit details and answer all your hotel marketing questions.

Value: $397

You will get actionable checklists how to improve your visibility and performance on those portals

Value: $97

You will get a Hotel Direct Bookings Compendium that is a Bible for all the managers and hotel owners who want to become OTA- independent.

Value: $47

Pat will personally guide you through the audit details and answer all your hotel marketing questions.

Real Value: $XX

You will get actionable checklists how to improve your visibility and performance on those portals

Real Value: $XX

You will get a Hotel Direct Bookings Compendium that is a Bible for all the managers and hotel owners who want to become OTA- independent.

Real Value: $XX

About The Hotel Consultant,

Pat Klesta

Starting as a digital nomad and entrepreneur, Pat has been staying in hundreds of hotels across the globe. He soon discovered the need to help hotels growing their businesses. It quickly became his passion and he is now obsessed with hotel marketing. His and his team's goal is to change the hospitality industry for better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you guarantee results?

The audit is done manually, so I'm 100% sure there is no better way of scanning your marketing performance. While I'm sure that our recommendations will bring positive impact for your hotel performance, I cannot guarantee the quality of implemented solution unless you will decide that my team should work on it.

Who is Pat?

I thought you’d never ask! I’m a Polish guy who became a hotel consultant in his early professional life. In 2013, I became obssesed with hotels. I was a digital nomad for 8 years and now when I have family and children I still love to travel. Take a look at the About Me page.

Who is this for?

This is for all hoteliers who are looking for additional source of income and profits. Managing a hotel is a process of constant developing and I can help you to systematize it and measure your progress.

How can you help me?

I focus on getting your hotel's listings to the top of all possible search engines (OTA, Google etc.) and increasing the conversion rate of your listings and ads.
I will audit your marketing channels and send you a custom report (40+ pages) with additional info.

I manage more than 1 hotel, can you help?

Of course! Please purchase one Audit report to start and then we can talk about how we might work together for the rest of your hotels.

What next?

We can work together to update and implement your marketing strategy using our Marketing Agency Services or Consulting Calls


See you on the another side!

This audit is something that I'm a proud of and this is the best I can give you to start our journey together. I hope you will sign up so I can help you solving your problems and get more profits for your hotel!